"A giant transformation project in Gigawatt Dimension" - Interview with Linh Nguyen

Dive into the fascinating stories of our employees and discover the diverse experiences that shape our company. In our interview series, we spoke to Linh Nguyen, Project Developer at EP New Energies (EPNE), about her journey with EPNE, her favourite moment and what motivates her every day.


How long have you been at EPNE and how did you join our team?

Since August 2021 I have been an enthusiastic member of the EPNE team, and I started right after my master's degree. My working student job at LEAG and the contact with a valued colleague encouraged me to join the EPNE team.


What is special about the project you are currently working on?

In my project team, I am developing Germany's largest renewable energy landscapes on post-mining land. This is a giant transformation project and the largest one in Europe. The goal is to make green electricity in gigawatt dimensions safely available using storage and green hydrogen.

This project will not only make our energy supply more sustainable, but it will also serve as a model and source of inspiration for other transformation projects – from coal to wind and sun, worldwide. This idea motivates me every day to do my best and leave a decisive footprint on the energy transition - both regionally and globally.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this dedicated team and to contribute to this exciting mission here at EPNE.


I can imagine that you have a diverse working day with many different responsibilities.

What skills do you need in your position? In my position as a project developer, you need a certain openness for new solutions as well as the ability to think outside the box and explore innovative ways. This has a significant influence on the success of a project. In a constantly changing environment like project development, the willingness to keep learning is of great importance. Especially during my first year at EPNE, I was able to learn a lot from my experienced colleagues and to use my skills in a targeted way.

Perhaps the most important point, however, is to have a clear focus on the long-term impacts and benefits of the transformation project for the environment and people. I always question the meaningfulness of the goals. This helps me and my team to overcome obstacles and keep motivation at a high.


Linh, where do you see yourself in 2030?

In 2030, I will look back with pride at the milestones we will have achieved: the first renewable energy landscapes have been formed and provide clean and secure energy. And maybe we will even have ventured into the Asian market.


If you describe EPNE in one word, what is it?



Can you describe in more detail why EPNE is special?

For example, what was a very special moment during your time with us? I have had particularly good moments at EPNE! Especially our team-building activities, for example the annual Renewable Summer Events, or the photo sessions for our website and recruiting campaign, were full of fun moments and very much reflect on us as a motivated team. When I think about the evening of the photo session in the bar, it's just an unforgettable moment! Such team activities simply unite people.


Please complete this sentence: "Join our team because..."

... here you can work with like-minded people on gigawatt projects and make a lasting impact on the world of today and tomorrow.


Thank you for the insights into your work, Linh!


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