Compliance Management System & Ombudsperson

A legal ombudsperson has been appointed with a mandate to act as a confidential contact point on improper activities or violations of law and advise employees

Integrity and transparency are just as important to EP New Energies GmbH (EPNE) as the trust of its employees, customers, partners and all stakeholders. Therefore, EPNE has implemented a modern Compliance Management System with the aim of protecting the company and its employees and preventing legal risks. The appointment of an external attorney as EPNE’s ombudsperson is part of the integrative Compliance Management System.
Dr. Rainer Frank, an attorney from the law firm FS-PP Berlin has been appointed as ombudsperson. Employees and stakeholders can confidentially, and if desired also anonymously, contact Dr. Frank in both German and English. Information can be provided on possible violations of law in or outside EPNE’s business area that have an impact on the company. This includes indications of corruption, white-collar crime or other serious violations of law such as unlawful personal discrimination.

The ombudsperson and all employees of the law firm FS-PP Berlin are subject to the attorney-client privilege. The ombudsperson will only pass on information to the Compliance Officer of EPNE if the employee or our business partner has expressly declared their consent to this. The forwarding may be anonymous; the ombudsperson will then protect the identity of the whistleblower.

The ombudsperson is also available to EPNE employees for confidential answers to questions on proper and compliant behaviour. Whistleblowers and employees who contact the ombudsperson can decide for themselves whether they wish to remain anonymous in the event of disclosure.

Contacting the Ombudsperson

A separate telephone number and e-mail address have been set up for anyone who wishes to contact Attorney Dr. Frank as ombudsperson (see below for contact details). A personal meeting with the ombudsperson is possible by making an appointment.

Contacting the ombudsperson is risk-free in case the informer is still undecided. After contacting the ombudsperson, they can decide to keep the information confidential or to make it anonymous.

Whistleblowers not only receive immediate acknowledgement of receipt, but also feedback on the content of their report within three months at the latest, stating what action has been taken in response to their report and what the outcome has been.The ombudsperson will never give legal advice contrary to the interests of EPNE. However, the ombudsperson is charged with explaining to whistleblowers the internal company procedure that will be initiated in response to their information.

Contact details

Dr. Rainer Frank
+ 49 (0) 30 318 685 933


Please read the information on the whistleblower system and the data protection information of the FS-PP.