Boxberg municipality gives green light for PV park Boxberg

LEAG and EPNE expect construction of 25 MWp project to start in September 2023

With the majority resolution on the development plan and the associated implementation contract, the Boxberg municipal council gave the green light for the PV park Boxberg yesterday. The solar park, which is being built by EP New Energies GmbH (EPNE) for LEAG, will have an installed capacity of 24.8 MWp and will be located north of the village of Boxberg's Nochten district. It will feed up to 26,000 MW/h of green electricity into the grid each year. The plant will thus become part of LEAG's GigawattFactory, which is to make up to 7 gigawatts of renewable green power generation available on a base-load basis by 2030 with a total investment of 10 billion euros.

The building application for the PV park Boxberg was already submitted a week ago to the responsible building supervisory authority, the district office in Niesky. According to the current state of planning, construction is to start in September of this year. Commissioning is expected in the first half of 2024.

"We are pleased to be able to take the path to the green future of Lusatia together and with the support of the municipality of Boxberg," said Fabian von Oesen, Head of Renewable Energies at LEAG. "This region will benefit in the future from the expansion of renewable energy generation on a scale that is unique in Germany to date, which LEAG is planning, because the availability and perspective of green hydrogen is now a decisive factor in attracting industrial companies"

"After the PV plant in Böhlen, we are implementing the PV park Boxberg, the second solar project in Saxony for LEAG. This is the start of a gradual transformation of mining regions into centers of green power generation," commented EPNE Managing Director Dominique Guillou. "The solar plant will also contribute to the ecological enhancement of the post-mining areas."

In Nochten, project developer EPNE is also taking care to ensure that the plant blends well into the landscape over an area of 33 hectares. The solar park will be designed close to nature with hedge plantings and extensive meadow areas for native game. This will promote ecological biodiversity and enhance the landscape of the post-mining landscape in Lusatia.


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