Municipality of Dissen-Striesow decides to develop and realize the 200 MW “Solarpark Dissen” by LEAG and EPNE

Municipality Dissen-Striesow decides to develop and realise the 200 MW “Solarpark Dissen” by LEAG and its project developer EPNE

Use together with farmers / Species and landscape conservation concept tailor-made

Together with its project developer EP New Energies GmbH (EPNE), Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG (LEAG) will build a solar park in the municipality of Dissen-Striesow with a peak power of about 200 MWp. The municipal council voted unanimously in favour of this proposal this week, after the decision to draw up the project-related development plan “Solarpark Dissen” had already been voted on in January.

The 200-hectare development area planned for the PV park is part of the Spreeaue GmbH Aueroxenreservat, with which LEAG and EPNE will cooperate closely in project development and later in land management. With the project of a customised “Green Solar Park”, which is unique in this type and is embedded in a variety of green areas, the operators want to take into account from the outset a balance between energy production, nature and local interests. The solar park is cleverly concealed by blind plantings and also serves to preserve regional biodiversity.

"We take all interests seriously in our projects. Those of the local residents through needs-orientated landscape architecture, those of the environment through ecological enhancement of the area, those of the affected farmers and landowners through early involvement in the project and, last but not least, the community and all those involved naturally benefit from an economical project," comments Dominique Guillou, Managing Director of EPNE.

Specifically, a dense plantation with evergreen components is planned in the northern area of the plant as a visual protection in the direction of the municipal development. In the southwest of the park, where there is a neighbouring area with weekend plots, a further visual protection plant will be created, taking into account a reasonable distance. In addition there are other sight protection plants along the avenue of the national road leading through the solar park (L 511). For ecological enhancement, fruit orchards, nesting boxes, game-changing corridors and a variety of flowering strips for which native seeds are used are embedded in the PV park.

The current plans provide for a clear five-metre distance between the modular tables in order to take account of species-protection concerns and to allow land to be managed between the modules.

“We are delighted that our concept has convinced the community of a green, nature-friendly and resource-saving PV park and that we can together make a contribution to the success of the energy transition in Germany,” says Andreas Huck, Executive Board member for the New Business Fields department at LEAG. “Here in Dissen-Striesow, we want and will prove once again in Lusatia that renewable electricity generation and agricultural use are possible through good planning and close cooperation on a plot and, in addition, a profit in natural space and biodiversity can be created for all of us.”

The mayor of Dissen-Striesov, Fred Kaiser, is also pleased with the decision taken by the municipal representatives: “It’s just a good feeling. “Green electricity from Dissen” will also help to secure the industrial location of Jänschwalde and thus safeguard jobs in our region.”

Gregor Louis of the Spreeaue GmbH Aurox Reserve also sees the project as a win-win for the more than 90 private owners of the agro-enterprise: “The PV park will contribute to the economic success of the Aueroxenreservat Spreeaue GmbH in a sustainable way in the context of the current agricultural policy framework, since the areas of the park in a purely agricultural use do not contribute positively to the overall operating result.”

According to EPNE, construction for the PV-Park Dissen could start by the end of 2024, with a start-up in 2025. It can feed about 200,000 MWh into the electricity grid each year. It will thus become part of the virtual power plant network, in which the LEAG subsidiary energy cubes GmbH operates the management and marketing of electricity for different power generating modules in the field of renewables as well as for storage, electrolysers and other energy plants.

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