GigawattFactory to grow with further 140 MWp solar park

LEAG and EPNE reach decision on development of ‘Energiepark Drebkau’ in Welzow recultivation area

This week, the Drebkau city council meeting gave its decision for the project development of the ‘Energiepark Drebkau’ solar park. With a planned total peak output of up to 140 MW, the solar park is another large-scale PV project being developed and implemented by EP New Energies (EPNE) as a strategic partner of LEAG in Lusatia. The project plan provides for areas totaling 120 hectares in the recultivated area of the Welzow-Süd open pit mine south of the Papproth site. The “Drebkau Energy Park” will seamlessly adjoin the  solar park ‘Hühnerwasser and Wolkenberg’, creating a solar generation unit of around 400 MW. In addition to the 400 MW ‘Energiepark Bohrau’ in the recultivation of the Jänschwalde open pit mine, EPNE is thus developing another large-scale project on LEAG recultivation land for the GigawattFactory.

The Head of Renewable Energies at LEAG, Fabian von Oesen, sees the development decision as an important contribution to the expansion of LEAG’s green energy portfolio. “We are consistently continuing our announced transformation into a major green power producer. With Energiepark Drebkau, the GigawattFactory is receiving its next important building block and we are thus once again coming a step closer to our goal of building 7 gigawatts of renewable power generation capacity on our recultivated opencast mining areas by 2030. In addition, LEAG is also creating prospects for the future use of green electricity in the town of Drebkau,” said von Oesen.

“With the decision to develop Energiepark Drebkau and the other multi-megawatt solar projects in development, we are bringing the necessary power for the GigawattFactory and are well on the way to Europe’s largest solar park by 2026. In total, we are developing over two gigawatts of green power projects for LEAG, of which one gigawatt is already in the approval process. Each of these projects is important for our future climate-neutral and secure energy supply” comments EPNE Managing Director, Dominique Guillou, on the success story.

With solar and wind gigawatt factories in the vicinity of the Lusatian centers, green power is to increasingly become an economic factor for the structural development of the region and at the same time enable the successful settlement of projects for the mobile and energetic use of hydrogen. The decision to establish the site marks the beginning of the urban land use planning process, which includes detailed project planning with environmental assessment. The aim is to designate the areas for the use of solar energy. In the course of the preparation of the land-use plan, a concept for nature conservation measures will be developed and coordinated with the responsible nature conservation authority.


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