Farmers and LEAG agree upon joint land use for Energiepark Bohrau

Project cooperation offers additional mainstay for Lusatian farmers.

An agreement on the rights of use of post-mining land in the Jänschwalde open pit mine for the construction and operation of photovoltaic plants was concluded today by the agricultural enterprises “Bauern AG Nießetal” and “Agrargenossenschaft eG Heinersbrück” with “Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG” on “But Neu Sacro” near Forst. In doing so, they allow LEAG to use the area, which was formerly used for mining and subsequently recultivated for agricultural use under the responsibility of “Lausitzer and Mitteldeutsch Bergbau – Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH (LMBV”, for the construction and operation of the planned Bohrau energy park. In addition to energy use, the land is to continue to be used for agricultural purposes later. The energy company also has a separate agreement with Agrargenossenschaft Forst eG, which is a tenant on LEAG’s post-mining land that is also to be used for the energy park.

Following the signing of the contract, Andreas Huck, LEAG board member for new business areas, expressed his satisfaction with the important step towards realizing the 400-MW Bohrau energy park: “With the signing of the contract today, we can tackle the next planning stages together with our project developer EP New Energies for this major renewable energy project, which offers a multitude of opportunities for structural development in Lusatia. Above all, the project cooperation means an additional mainstay for farmers in the region through secured lease income and extensive cultivation of the land.” At the same time, the project contributes to the diversification of the farms’ fields of activity, Huck said.

EPNE project manager André Fuchs sees the development of the Bohrau energy park as a contribution to continuing the tradition of Lusatia as an energy region and making it fit for the future. “At the Bohrau Energy Park site we plan to make good use of existing infrastructure and expertise and create synergies. The agricultural cooperatives are essential partners in this. Particularly in view of increasing risks from extreme weather events and volatile trading prices for agricultural products, the income from PV use forms a long-term basis with which the farms can continue to operate securely in the future.”

Bernd Starick, managing director of Bauern AG Neisse Valley, also reiterates the need to focus on several sources of income in agriculture that are as stable as possible. “Our focus as an agricultural company remains, of course, on the cultivation of food and feed as well as animal breeding. Given the ever-present risks in our industry, we see participating in the proceeds of solar power marketing and the maintenance and management of land used for photovoltaics as a way to future-proof our operations.”

Construction for the Bohrau Energy Park is scheduled to begin in 2023. The plant is scheduled to go into operation in 2024.


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