EP New Energies becomes LEAG Renewables GmbH

More power to implement the joint mission of clean energy and the transformation of opencast mining regions into renewable energy landscapes.

EP New Energies GmbH (EPNE) will become part of the LEAG Group and form the nucleus of LEAG's 'Green Powerhouse' focussing on sustainable energy solutions. EPNE will be fully taken over by the LEAG Group and will operate as a legally and operationally independent division under the name LEAG Renewables GmbH as part of the new LEAG holding company.

Over the past four years, EPNE has established itself as the centre of competence for renewable energies within the EPH Group. Under the new name and under the umbrella of the LEAG Group, EPNE will be expanded into an integrated renewable energy company covering all aspects of the development, construction and operation of wind and solar plants as well as decentralised battery storage systems. In the future, EPNE will operate together with LEAG's project organisation as LEAG Renewables GmbH in a team and promote all renewable energy projects as part of LEAG's Green Powerhouse.

This step underlines LEAG's commitment to consistently driving forward its vision of a sustainable energy future and marks a significant milestone in the company's transformation into a leading provider of renewable energies.

"The further development of EP New Energies into LEAG Renewables GmbH is a highly symbolic and strategically important step that strengthens our position as a leading developer in the field of renewable energies," explains Dominique Guillou, Managing Director of EP New Energies GmbH. "This places the implementation of our wind and PV projects for Germany's green powerhouse more firmly at the centre of our Group's strategic focus. At the same time, our extensive project pipeline and our expertise will continue to grow thanks to the resources and synergies under the LEAG umbrella."

EPNE has a project pipeline of over 8 GW of renewable energies, including numerous large-scale projects on former opencast lignite mining areas of LEAG and MIBRAG. There are currently 1.6 GW of projects in the approval process and six projects under construction.

"LEAG plays a key role in the structural transformation of Lusatia and is actively driving forward the energy transition," said Thorsten Kramer, CEO of LEAG. "Our strategic realignment places sustainable power generation at the centre of our activities, will support regional development and create new economic prospects for our employees and the people in the region. I am determined to lead our company into this new era. With our GigawattFactory, we will not only ensure a green energy supply, but also develop innovative solutions that will shape the energy market and contribute to supply security in Germany."

The structural changes are to be implemented by the end of the year.


EP New Energies GmbH

EP New Energies GmbH is one of the leading full-scope project developers for renewable energies in Germany with a superlative project pipeline of over 8 GW on secured sites. The project portfolio covers wind onshore, ground-mounted PV, floating PV and hybrid projects. The wind and solar projects developed by EPNE are among the largest in Germany.


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